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Works – March 05, 2010

Over All Impression: It is very good!

This is what we got:
the dadda and the momma: We split Loaded Cheese Fries and Pesto Pizza. The Loaded Cheese Fries were made with a cheese sauce and was tasty, but not what I was expecting, and I really don’t like cheese sauce on fries. There was plenty of bacon and it was perfectly cooked, some tomatoes and green onions would have been a nice addition. The dadda liked the cheese sauce but he likes cheese sauce typically he thought the fries were great. I think next time we will try the toasted ravioli. We also got the Pesto Pizza, oh wow! The pizza is cooked in a brick oven, the crust was slightly crunchy, the sausage, mushrooms and tomato was a delicious combination. It was very filling, I only ate one piece but everything about it was fantastic.
We did not get dessert.
Doodle Bug was at Gram’s.

Atmosphere: Works used house a fire station and the building is over 100 years old. There is some fire station memorabilia around the building and each table is different.

Bathrooms: The bathroom was great especially the changing table, however the room was very very cold. There was also a chair that could be used for nursing if needed, but I am not a fan of nursing in the bathroom. I don’t know about the men’s room, the dadda didn’t go and Turtle Boy did not need to be changed again.

Menu: Pizzas, Pasta, and Salads

Service: It was not bad, the waitress kept our drinks full.

Notes: Turtle Boy flirted with the other patrons and kept them laughing. He caught the attention of an entire table and was smiling at them. Then, he hid his face in the dadda’s arm which made them laugh even more.

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