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Banana Bean Café – February 13, 2010

Over All Impression: We really like it and will definitely go back!

This is what we got:
the momma: fried chicken and waffles it was very very good my only complaint was that the chicken was boneless so due to the frying it was a bit dried out and chewy.
the dadda: Lobster Hash and his first reactions was, “this looks scrumptious” and after eating it he thought it was fantastic!
Doodle Bug: she was at the mamaw and poca’s house for the evening.

Atmosphere: very modern comfortable feel the oddest part is the TV turned to a web cam in a bar in Florida. Lots of people were there but it did not seem overly packed.

Bathrooms: The dadda took Turtle Boy to the bathroom there was not a changing table but the sink area was big enough that he could change him. The dadda thought the bathroom was clean.

Menu: Huge! Mostly brunch type items with what they call a Florida/Caribbean twist. I guess it was I don’t know since I have never been to the Caribbean.

Service: The service was great even though the waitress was new. She kept our drink glasses filled and answered questions about the various items on the menu. There were several groups there that included children and the wait staff seemed to be very accommodating to them.

Notes: We ordered things we would not normally eat. Our food was delicious. The momma tried the dadda’s Lobster Hash and thought it was very spicy but very good. We did not get dessert because we went to Jeni’s Ice Cream for dessert. Overall though, it was a great meal and experience. We can’t wait to go back and take Doddle Bug with us since she loves pancakes.

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